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The Best Garden Fence for All Vegetable Gardens: MR. McGREGOR’S FENCE®



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This site features Mr. McGregor’s Fence®, the best fence in the world for keeping small animals out of vegetable gardens.

This economical fence packs a double whammy: What it does is place a low barrier fence just inside a low-key (harmless to sparrows) electric fence. So when a woodchuck, rabbit, raccoon, or whatever comes along, it explores the barrier, finds a charged wire, gets shocked, and goes home. Maybe the varmint will be back next week, but then the same thing will happen. So long as the electric fence is operating, the fence works every time. It’s 100% effective.

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  • Keep Out Deer
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    The McGregor Fence Company LLC started out with Mr. McGregor’s Fence®. Since then we have branched out—into fences for excluding deer (with electric fences), deer (with barrier fences), and bears, and for containing dogs, cats, and horses. We now sell a broad spectrum of discount electric fence supplies, and we also have a website dedicated to custom-tailoring garden fences to special needs. We realize, however, that Mr. McGregor’s Fence® is a revolutionary fence, the best of all fences for small vegetable gardens, and so this site is dedicated to that fence.



    We pride ourselves on providing lots of information. So here’s a brief explanation of Mr. McGregor’s Fence®. And here’s a longer article on small animal control that shows how our garden fence fits into the more general animal control picture.

    Whether your garden needs are fairly standard or unusual, consider custom-building your own version of this fence; or else, visit our website that explores a wide range of garden fences.

    More generally, whichever of our websites you use, we pledge you a large inventory, quality products, prompt delivery, and satisfaction. So welcome to this website, and best wishes for a successful garden project.


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