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The Best Garden Stakes at Bargain Prices


The Best Stakes at the Lowest Prices

The world's best garden stakes are splinter-free green fiberglass posts. Sold in bundles of 10 or 20, they have no rivals. The dark green color hides them perfectly within the landscape; their strength permits them to support tall plants with ease; and their durability, enhanced with a UV barrier and splinter-preventing resin, makes them last 30 years or more. We've been using ours for over a decade in our gardens, and we have yet to find one that looks a day older than when we got it. So we've come to regard these green fiberglass friends as effective and highly successful garden aids.

If you want something stronger to support heavy fencing, or stand robustly straight at fence corners, or do a myriad other garden tasks, get the painted green steel U-posts sold below. You can get these posts at local garden centers, but ours are just as good and less expensive.

Right now, because we are changing warehouses, we're selling our current inventory at rock-bottom clearance prices. So get these stakes and U-posts while they last--because these are the lowest prices you're likely to see in your lifetime. 

18 Inch Green Fiberglass Stakes

27 Inch Green Fiberglass Stakes

36 Inch Green Fiberglass Stakes and Steel U-posts

4 Foot Green Fiberglass Stakes and Steel U-posts

This product is unavailable or out of stock.

5 Foot Green Steel U-posts

6 Foot Green Fiberglass Stakes


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