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Our Garden Fences: Protect Your Garden against Deer and Small Animals: Introduction

Deer Fences
Deer and Small Animal Fences
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There are various options for keeping deer out of yards and gardens. The cheap ones (repellents, water sprayers, ultrasound devices, etc.) tend to work briefly and require a lot of maintenance. The next step up, electric fences, cost more at first but work better, especially if you install two lines of fence posts bearing charged wires. The most effective deer fences, barrier deer fences, involve the most up-front expense, especially if your fence needs to be long, say over 400 feet.

We don’t deal in anti-deer gadgets or repellents because we have little faith in them. But we have two large websites devoted to deer fences—one to electric deer fences and the other to barrier deer fences—and we can provide materials for just about any kind of deer fence you desire. So, what would you like to do?