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Our Garden Fences: Keep out All Small Animals above Squirrel Size: Introduction

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Introduction to Mr. McGregor's Fence®

You can’t keep out most small animals with a low electric fence alone, because some will get through or over it. And you can’t do it with a low (18-inch) barrier fence, because many animals will scale it. But the two fences together, known as Mr. McGregor’s Fence®, are dynamite. The animal (woodchuck-ground hog, raccoon, rabbit, skunk, armadillo, opossum, dog, cat, etc.) will stop at the barrier fence, explore long enough to find the charged wire, get a shock, and take a powder. It works every time. For more on this fence, visit our best garden fences website devoted mainly to this product. To create such a fence, here are two good choices:

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