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Our Garden Fences: Keep Out All Small Animals down to Chipmunk Size: Introduction

Garden Fences for All Small Animals
Tree Protection against Squirrels
Both Garden Fences and Tree Protection
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Mr. McGregor’s Fence® with a low-cost squirrel barrier will keep out virtually all small animals down to chipmunk size. Also, electric fences mounted on tree trunks can keep squirrels out of specific trees, so long as the chosen trees are separated by more than squirrel jumping distance from other trees and roofs. So, what do you want to do?

Choice #1: Protect a garden from small animals including squirrels and chipmunks.

Choice #2: Keep squirrels out of selected trees. 

Choice #3: Do both of the above.

Please note that free installation instructions for all of these fences are available on this website. To visit our installation instruction pages click here.