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Our Garden Fences: Woodchuck/Ground Hog and Raccoon Fences: Introduction

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Woodchucks (ground hogs) and raccoons are deterred by electric fences. Only weak electric fence chargers are needed to power short fences, because these animals are easily shocked. However, these electric fences are most effective (100% effective) when they are combined with a low barrier fence a few inches behind them. So we suggest two options, Option A being more cost-effective for long fences protecting cornfields and such, while Option B is better at protecting small vegetable gardens where a single break-in can damage a large share of the crop:

Option A: An electric fence alone (less expensive)

Option B: An electric fence combined with a low barrier fence (more expensive but 100% reliable)

Regardless of the option you select, you have two choices: You can

create your own fence using guidance and installation instructions that we provide as you go along; or  else, we can gather a little basic information from you and create a quote and complete parts list for your fence. So let us know your choice:

I want a quote and parts list.

I want to create my own fence.